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Bloid (b.c 418AD-d.c 455AD)

Son of Tál Cas, succeeded his father as the King of Thomond (ALM page 86).

Four sons of Blad, renowned, victorious,
A family of kings, lucky in war
Carthenn the Fair, Carthenn the Dark, prolific,
Eochaid, and Brennan the White.

Possible progenitor of SNP ZZ31_1 (note: this SNP mutated twice under R-L226, it has reverted in DC38 descendents.).

Had issue (ALM page 295):

* Carthan Finn

*Carthann Dubh - Had two sons, Dui and Ludaigh (ancestr of Uí Aircheallaigh). Dui had two sons, Aedh (ancestor of Uí Ainmhir) and Diarmaid (ancestor of Uí Conghaili, the people of the meadlow-lands of Findabrach, Uí Thomhain, Uí Duibh Thoma and Liathan, the daughter of Diarmaid)(The treatise on the Dal gCais in Leabhar Ui Maini, part III. By R. W. Twigge)

*Eochaidh - From him descends the Ui Bhaoith Buidhe.

*Brennan Bán - Had a son Fearadhach and a daughter Lasair. Fearadhach had six sons.

They are described in a poem (page 311 ALM, translation from Luke McInerney):

Fearadhach son of Bréanainn Bán had six sons,
Cailíne, Breacán without crozier.
Maoilín, Aodh Molt Gabhaidh,
Díoma, Damhán, who rises up,
Six manly sons of Fearadhach
From Cailín Ciarodhar descends Ua Ciaróg of Rátha Bloid. From Breacán descends Uí Brúighidh. From Maelín Maolodhar Uí Mhael Uidhir of Cille Laisre. From Aodh Molt Gaibhne descends Cinéal Fearadhaigh of Tulcha Óg. (pg. 311/312 ALM)

On another page it is said that Muinntear Urthaile, and Muinntear Chiarog, and Muinntear Bhruig, and Ui Chinneidigh, and Muinntear Cheallaigh, and Muinntear Mhael Domhnaigh descend from Breannan. (ALM page 295)

Additionally as per O'Harts Pedigrees (p. 155), descends Glinn/Maglin and Magan and O'Hurley.

Cairtheann Finn Mór (b.c 435AD)

Succeeded his father as King of Thomond. Was King of Thomond (or Déissi Tuaiscirt) when St. Patrick came. (The Tripartite Life of Patrick, page 207) (ALM page 321) Baptized by Saint Patrick AD 455 on Singland (Saingeal). (see page 51 "Story of an Irish Sept..") Possibly possessed the SNP FGC5628.
He had issue (ALM page 296):

* Oenghus - The elder, succeeded his father as King. From him stems the Uí Oengusso and all Kings of Thomond from the accession of Díoma mac Ronáin c. 620 AD to the death of Reabachán mac Mothla in 934AD and the acession of his junior brother Eochaidh's descendents to the kingship. From him (pre-surname kin groups) Ui Chearnaigh, agus Ui Ronghaile, and Aos Tri Muighe, and Ui Eichthigheirn. From him these surnames: Muinnter Loingsigh (Lindsey, Lynch) ; Muinnter Uaith-nidhe ; Muinnter Bhreachtgha ; Muinnter Bhreanuinn (Brennan) ; Muinnter Sheasnain (Sexton) ; Muinnter Riada (Ready) ; Muinnter Shamhradh ; and Muinnter Chormacain (ALM page 236/237).

* Eochaidh Bailldearg - Succeeded Oenghus as King. From him the Uí Toirdhealbhach, Uí Fhloinn and Uí Cholgann later descended.

* Cormac Coíche - Succeeded Aonghus as King. From which descend the Uí Fheasáin and Uí Fhearacháin (From brothers Peasán agus Fearachán mac Eichthigheirn mac Cas Chéadaigh mac Diarmad mac Conaill mac Aodha Guaire mac Cormac Coíche).

* Meachair - Ancestor of Sineach, mother of Aonghus Tuili.
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